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BMO / Online campaign - The double deportation: from Molat, to Fertilia to the German concentration camps

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Jan. 3, 2024

In early 1943, 300 Yugoslav civilian internees were transferred from the Italian concentration camp in Molat (today Croatia) , via Trieste and Civitavecchia to the one in Fertilia (Sardinia)

In July 1943, after the Allied landings in Sicily, the internees were moved from the Fertilia camp to that of Renicci, in the province of Arezzo. A few days after 8 September 1943, many of them were captured by German troops and deported to concentration camps in Germany. At least nine of them died in Buchenwald and in the Dora and Laura sub-camps.


Source: Topografia per la storia

Molat: from June 1942 until September 1943 have been interned approximately 10.000 civilians from Dalmatia victims of fascist roundups

Fertilia: in early 1943 300 men of Molat were selected and sent in the fascist colony of Fertilia (Sardinia), where they were employed as forced labourers in land drainage and road construction works. After the war, Fertilia became residence for Italian refugees from Istria and Dalmatia.

Post 1 _ jpg 3 Fertilia_ topografia.jpg

Shed near Fertilia. According to some testimonies probable site of the fascist labour camp.

Photo: Andrea Giuseppini

Renicci: The Renicci concentration camp has been in operation since 1942. Run by the Royal Italian Army, it was intended for Yugoslav civilians. In July 1943, when the workers from Fertilia were deported to the camp, about 3,500 civilians were imprisoned there.

German concentration camps: On 23 September 1943, the Germans deported to SS concentration camps around 700 civilians already interned by the fascists in Renicci.

See the whole story at: https://lavoroforzato.topografiaperlastoria.org/percorso.html?p=1&l=en

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