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After the Great War

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Oct. 22, 2020

Exhibition “After the Great War. A New Europe 1918-1923”)

The exhibition "After the Great War – A New Europe 1918–1923" marks an attempt at summarising the tumultuous beginnings of the interwar period, with particular emphasis on the history of East-Central Europe. The exhibition includes over 200 pieces of archival and multimedia materials – pictures, maps and original films from the 1920s together with individual stories of people who lived back in these times – shown in an interactive fashion. The main goal of the project is to illustrate the scale of political changes and show its impact on current politics as well as to present different national memories.

The exhibition is prepared by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (Poland) in cooperation with an international circle of historians. The exhibition was so far displayed in ten European cities, among which Rijeka, in October 2020, as a part of official program of European Capital of Culture - Rijeka 2020. A staging of the exhibition in Zagreb is planned for 2021.

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