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BMO / Online campaign - Marija Šimić

Aug. 31, 2023

Marija's mother, Franka, was a housewife and farmer, and his father was a miner from Ličan. In 1942, she was born quite by chance in her mother's hometown, in Prezid. After the entry of the Italian army into the Prezid in July 1942, as a three-month-old baby, she was taken with her mother to the Italian camp Kampor on the island of Rab, and from there to the Gonars camp. After the capitulation of Italy, she came to Zagreb with her mother (she was two and a half years old at the time and still could not walk) where they were accepted by the family of Dorica Vilharovci, her mother's friend from a wealthy family from Prezid. She completed primary and secondary school in Perušić and Prezid, and Teacher's School in Rijeka. After finishing school, she works as a teacher in Novi Pazarište. Today he lives in Prezid.

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Osobna sjećanja - Marija Šimić - YouTube

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