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BMO / Online campaign - Special Inspectorate of Public Security, Trieste, Italy

Feb. 8, 2023

After decommissioning the main HeadQuarters in Villa Bellosguardo, roughly from the autumn of 1944 to April 1945 the barracks (which had been the office of a Carabinieri lieutenant until the 25th of July, 1944, or the day the Army on the orders of the German command was disbanded) had become the HeadQuarter of the Special Inspectorate of Public Security, the body of repression specifically created by fascism to "stop the terrorist action of the Slavic gangs and protect the Italian spirit of these lands" (this is the definition given by the inspector general Giuseppe Gueli, manager of the structure, in a 1947 letter addressed to the Special Court of Trieste). It is possible that the Inspectorate moved to via Cologna because the villa in via Bellosguardo had suffered structural damages from a bombing that took place. It is important to remind the wide public that the first office of the Inspectorate, the Villa Bellosguardo, was demolished to make room for a residential complex, therefore it would be safe to say that allowing the last evidence of the crimes that took place inside the Special Inspectorate to be destroyed, together with the barracks in via Cologna, would be extremely dangerous, and could possibly undermine the integrity of that memory.

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