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Seminar "Learning from the Past – Acting for the Future" in Zagreb

Seminar Zagreb 2022
Nov. 21, 2022

The first seminar for teachers entitled "Learning about the past - Acting for the future" began on November 17, 2022, with a ceremonial opening attended by the Ambassador of Israel Gary Koren, Sanja Zoričić Tabaković, representative of the Jewish Municipality of Zagreb and representative of the Jewish National Minority of the City of Zagreb and director of Documenta Vesna Teršelic. The event was opened by Oana Nestian – Sandu, director of international programs at the Olga Lengyel Institute from New York.

The participants of the seminar, whose main topic was the Holocaust and human rights, were primary and secondary school teachers, about 30 of them. The main goal of the activity is to contribute to improving the quality of teaching about the Holocaust and human rights in Croatia. During five working days, teachers learned about the history of the Holocaust in Europe and Croatia, had the opportunity to listen to the testimony of survivor Darko Fischer, and participated in workshops on pedagogical approaches to teaching this important historical topic from a human rights perspective, including a workshop led by representatives of Ghetto Fighters House Museum.

The seminar is organized by the Olga Lengyel Institute and Documenta - centre for dealing with the past.

It is financially supported by the CERV program of the European Union and is part of the "History - Democracy" project coordinated by the Catholic University of Valencia.