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Dealing with Popular Myths

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Sept. 30, 2020

Dealing with popular myths. Youth work against disinformation and distortion of historical facts

With the project “Dealing with popular myths. Youth work against disinformation and distortion of historical facts” Documenta and its partners want to define historical myths relevant to young people and study their attitude towards political phenomena such as populism, authoritarianism and propaganda against the "others". Using innovative methods of historic-civic education, we will deconstruct the identified myths and devise tools and methods that can be used by teachers in formal education, but also people who work with young people using non-formal education methods.

As project results, we will create videos dedicated to explaining existing historical myths and deconstructing them in a way that is appealing to young people and encourages the development of critical thinking. In addition, we will develop a toolkit for teachers and people who work with young people. In the toolkit we will develop methods on how to use the created video materials and how to counter stereotypes, prejudices and hate speech in order to prevent the trend of radicalization in Europe.

In the project, Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past, coordinator of the project, cooperates with the organizations United Societies of Balkans from Greece, Asociación Las Niñas del Tul from Spain, Association for Social History - Euroclio from Serbia and Institut Intercultural Timisoara from Romania.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.