KS kultura sjećanja / remembrance culture

Toolkit "My City Through Time"

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Feb. 5, 2024

On the links at the bottom there is a toolkit with 21 workshops, which the partners propose as examples of good practice in youth work in public space and on topics related to history and civic education. The toolkit is primarily intended for youth workers, but also for teachers and other educators who work on the topics of memory, marking, heritage, and public space.

We hope that the suggested workshops will be useful and that they will contribute to the improvement of work with young people.

The cities we live in are not neutral. They are a reflection of values ​​and narratives that communicate to citizens through elements in public space, such as monuments, names of streets and squares, architecture. However, many citizens are not aware of this phenomenon and do not approach it critically. Because of this, inequalities and misinterpretations, which are the result of the vision of society in the 20th century, are considered normal even today.

Through the project "My city through time" we will create knowledge, methods and recommendations with which we want to develop the awareness of citizens, especially young people, and encourage them to take a critical approach to the elements of public space in 7 European cities: Zagreb, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Thessaloniki, Vienna, Gorizia and Maribor.

The coordinator of the project is Documenta, and the partners are Artistania (Germany), Associazione 4704 (Italy), BLOCKFREI (Austria), EUROM (Spain), Pekarna Magdalenska Mreže (Slovenia) and United Societies of Balkans (Greece).

The project is financed from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.