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BMO / Online kampanja - Radovna, Gorje, Slovenia

Davor Ros - Burned-down Radovna (2).jpg
18. svibnja 2022.

Radovna was an important meeting point for the Jesenice unit members of the Liberation Front. It provided and sent supplies for the partisan operatives. In late September 1944, the Axis powers and their collaborators burned down a village (12 houses) with 24 people as retaliation because they were unwilling to give out the partisans who took two German soldiers prisoners.

This memorial, Burned-down Radovna, shows us that we can see many facets of human nature in war. Be it good or evil, such moments are a true test of character, and the outcome is often bitter either way.

Present-day Radovna, more specifically, the ruins of Smolej farmhouse, are a memorial site for the victims of the tragedy.

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Text: Edina Hodžić

Photos: Davor Ros (Instagram: @rose.the.writer)

Davor Ros - Burned-down Radovna (2).jpg

Davor Ros - Burned-down Radovna.jpg

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