KS kultura sjećanja / remembrance culture


Biographies of Resistance

Biographies of Resistance.png
10. veljače 2021.

Biographies of Resistance: Meeting with the History of Marginalized Groups, between Oppression and Fight for Human Rights

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Why so Radical?

Why so Radical.png
9. prosinca 2020.

Why So Radical? Preventing youth radicalization through historic-civic education

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After the Great War

After the great war.png
22. listopada 2020.

Exhibition “After the Great War. A New Europe 1918-1923”)

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Kako se nositi s popularnim mitovima?

Dealing with popular myths.png
30. rujna 2020.

Dealing with popular myths. Youth work against disinformation and distortion of historical facts

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Meeting Memories

MeMe - Meeting Memories.png
1. rujna 2020.

Meeting Memories: Learning from the Past to Confront Dehumanization Today

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Sjećanje na političko nasilje na Golom otoku

Goli Otok.png
21. kolovoza 2020.

Remembering Political Violence on Goli otok

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Strengthening the Youth-Work in Shrinking Cities

Strenghtening youth work in shrinking cities.png
30. studenoga 2018.

Strengthening the role of youth work in contesting dynamics of shrinking cities

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Propaganda, Scapegoating and 'the Other'

Staring at goats.png
23. listopada 2018.

Staring at Goats; Propaganda, Scapegoating and 'the Other' 1918-2018

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Venues of Victims, Venues of Perpetrators

Venues of victims.png
20. travnja 2018.

Venues of victims // Venues of Perpetrators. Mapping, decoding & processing the role of historical-civic education in (European) Youth Work

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