KS kultura sjećanja / remembrance culture

BMO - Online kampanja

1. travnja 2022.

The online campaign "Between memory and oblivion: WWII places of remembrance (BMO)", was developed by Documenta – Centre for dealing with the past (Croatia) and its international partners JUSP Jasenovac (Croatia); Max Mannheimer Haus (Germany); Regensburg University (Germany); Associazione 4704 (Italy); Topografia per la storia (Italy); APIS Institute (Slovenia); and Socialna Akademija (Slovenia), as part of the project.

The partners created the project and the related campaign with the main aim to foster a discussion on WWII places of remembrance (former concentration camps, forced work camps, killing sites, prisons..) and combating the status of abandonment and forgetting these places are often facing.

Through this project, the partners wants to:

1) Consider places of memory in different European countries, focusing on the transnational dimension of the Holocaust and other WWII genocides/systematic murder, while considering its local and regional aspects.

2) Promote further research of the selected places connected with the Holocaust and other WWII genocides/systematic murder and suffering of ethnic, religious, and marginalized groups during WWII, discuss educational practices in formal and non-formal education, and create new tools and materials.

3) Start a discussion about the crimes committed during WWII in Europe, remember and commemorate the victims, the survivors, and their families.

The project is financed by the European Union, through the programme CERV.

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