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BMO / Online Kampanja - Petriček, Celje, Slovenia

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6. travnja 2022.

After World War II, people opposing the new regime were put in the Teharje camp in Celje, and in June, their children were taken away and put in the youth camp Petriček. Their parents were killed without being tried at a court and buried in unknown places, and the children were being re-educated and forced into abandoning their identities.

The place itself shows us the complexities of war and its aftermath, in which, regardless of the outcome, there are no winners, only a shattered society that needs time to heal.

Nowadays, Petriček is an abandoned ruin that is being used as a construction rubble unloading site by local construction workers.

External links and additional information:

Documentary: https://zkp.rtvslo.si/en/najem_digitalnih_vsebin/Otroci-s-Petricka/

Photos: Matija Hriberšek

Matija Hriber+íek - Petri-ìek (2).jpg

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Matija Hriber+íek - Petri-ìek (2).jpg

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